UVI has launched a Holiday Sale on its virtual instruments, audio plugins and bundles.

The sale includes UVI’s recently updated flagship Falcon hybrid instrument that features an extensive collection of cutting-edge oscillators, effects, modulators and event processors, with a workflow-adaptive and highly-scriptable environment.

Falcon allows you to create and manipulate sound with unparalleled precision and finesse, from basic sample slicing and synth design to extravagantly modulated multitimbral hybrids.

Falcon runs stand-alone or in your DAW as a plugin, is natively surround capable up to 10.2 channels, can take just about any sound you can throw at it for fuel (and some pictures, too) and is fully compatible with all UVI Powered instruments.

The Sparkverb algorithmic reverb, Rotary rotary speaker emulation, Relayer creative delay, and Thorus chorus effect plugins are also 30% off during the sale.

UVI’s virtual instruments and plugins are on sale until December 31st, 2017. The recently released OB Legacy and Vintage Vault 2 bundles are excluded from the offer.

More information: UVI