Uwyn has introduced GestureControl, an application for the Leap Motion controller that provides multi-dimensional MIDI expression through hand gestures.

GestureControl has been designed for live performance and it operates at extremely low latency, while requiring very little resources on your computer. It can thus perfectly run alongside any MIDI capable software.

GestureControl features

  • 40 different control streams with both hands.
  • any control stream can be mapped to MIDI CC and Pitchbend messages on 16 different channels.
  • instantly switch between related control streams by opening or closing your hands.
  • carefully designed GUI for an immediate overview of the active MIDI mappings.
  • real-time low-latency visual feedback of your hand movements and MIDI data.
  • integrated virtual MIDI port on MacOSX.
  • connects to any known MIDI output port on your computer.
  • fully customisable user interface (colours, graphical elements).
  • flexible document management that can be loaded while performing gestures.
  • high performance and near-zero latency engine with virtually no CPU impact when the real-time visualisations are hidden.
  • MIDI decimation setting to allow integration with legacy hardware that has limited MIDI bandwidth.

GestureControl has been submitted to Airspace, Leap Motion’s app store and will be available at the world-wide launch of the Leap Motion Controller on May 13th, 2013.

The currently planned introduction price will be $9.99 USD for early adopters.

More information: Uwyn / GestureControl