Valhalla DSP has released version 1.0.7 of ValhallaRoom, adding two new “Dark” reverb mode to the algorithmic reverb effect plug-in for Windows and Mac.

As the names suggest, they are dark. All frequencies above 1/4 the sampling rate are completely attenuated. The modulated delays are cleaner than the deliberately dirty delay modulation used in Dark Room. The modulation in both modes is more balanced than the modulation used in Dark Room, resulting in less random pitch shifts and more of a “detuned” decay.

Dark Chamber has a fairly even initial echo density. In this way, it is similar to the Large Chamber reverb mode, but with deeper modulation and a much bigger size. Dark Space has a lower initial echo density, and can have a bit of a delay of the onset of reverberation with high settings of Late Size. This also results in a wide stereo image.

Changes in ValhallaRoom v1.0.7

  • Fixed a GUI bug in older versions of Pro Tools (7.3/7.4).
  • Improved interpolation quality for PPC versions of ValhallaRoom.
  • Improved “short names” in Pro Tools insert/send windows. The shortened name now shows up as “VRoom” instead of “Valh.”
  • Two new reverb modes: Dark Chamber and Dark Space.

ValhallaRoom for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS) is available to purchase for $50 USD.

More information: Valhalla DSP / ValhallaRoom