Valhalla DSP has announced updates to two of its audio plugins.

Version 2.2.0 of the Valhalla VintageVerb brings a new Cathedral reverb mode.

The Cathedral mode is based on an algorithm I developed for the Spin Semiconductor FV-1 in 2014. The FV-1 is a fun little DSP, but it is severely limited in delay memory, and is optimized to work with specific reverb architectures. Cathedral was my favorite algorithm I developed for that chip, with a big diffuse sound and ensemble style modulation.

Bringing Cathedral into VintageVerb meant I could use a lot more delay memory, for a bigger more expansive attack and decay, as well as a more open and transparent sound. The original FV-1 algorithm corresponds to a Size setting of 50%, while sizes greater than 50% will get closer to a real-world cathedral. The VintageVerb version of Cathedral also has a much more comprehensive Damping section, which allows for high frequencies to smoothly decay away as found in large acoustic spaces. We’ve retained the ensemble modulation, with the Rate and Depth controls allowing the user to dial in the perfect amount of lush chorusing.

The free ValhallaSupermassive plugin was updated to version 1.5.0, which includes new Orion and Cassiopeia reverb modes.

These are WEIRD reverb algorithms, based on some advanced extensions of Michael Gerzon’s feedback delay network theory. Both Orion and Cassiopeia can sound quite sparse at the beginning of their decay, but can quickly build in echo density with non-zero settings of the Density control. The Density control also has a lot of influence on the reverb decay, with high density settings resulting in very long decays regardless of the Feedback setting.

Both plugins have also been updated with an expanded “info” section, which shows what version number you are running, the plugin format (VST/VST3/AAX/AU), and whether you are running it on an Intel or ARM Mac (the Windows version just assumes Intel/AMD).

VintageVerb is available for purchase for $50 USD, while existing users can update for free. ValhallaSupermassive remains free.

More information: Valhalla DSP