Variety Of Sound has released version 2.1 of BootEQ mkII, a musical sounding mixing EQ and pre-amp simulation for Windows.

BootEQ mkII is basically the further improved and reworked successor of the already known and popular musical mixing EQ.

Beside some enhancements in the EQ department BootEQ mkII features a detailed modelled pre-amp section including finest transformer and tube style saturation emulation and audio coloring capabilities.

Changes in BootEQ mkII v2.1

  • Support for higher samplerates.
  • Faster loading times on systems with large amounts of system fonts.
  • VST vendor tag changed to “Variety Of Sound”.
  • Stability improvements when deleting the plug-in from effect slots.
  • Stability improvements in cubase hosts.
  • VU display issue on mono tracks fixed.
  • Less CPU consumption if GUI is closed.
  • Slightly increased 2nd order harmonic in “TUBE ON” mode.
  • Resetting the DRV knob with +click w/o any audio artifacts now.
  • Reset position for the left LF frequency knob corrected to 250Hz.
  • Audio crackles while switching preamp section on/off eliminated.
  • Improved HF shelving filter with freq dip and asymetric behaviour.
  • Changed pop-up displays version number now.
  • Some EQ code optimizations added.
  • Preset and manual update.

Known issue: some display/knob rendering issues mainly in samplitude (compiler bug)

BootEQ mkII is available to download as a freeware VST effect plug-in for Windows PC.

More information: Variety Of Sound