Variety Of Sound has announced the release of TesslaSE mkII, a free audio plugin that aims to bring all the analog goodness in subtle doses.

TesslaSE mkII is a remake of the original TesslaSE transformer style signal saturation effect.

TesslaSE never meant to be a distortion box but rather focuses on bringing all those subtle saturation and widening (side-) effects from the analog right into the digital domain. It slightly colors the sound, polishes transients and creates depth and dimension in the stereo field. All the analog goodness in subtle doses. It’s a mixing effect intended to be used here and there where the mix demands it. It offers a low CPU profile and (almost) zero latency.

With it’s 2021 remake, TesslaSE mkII sticks to exactly that by just polishing whats already there. The internal gainstaging has been reworked so that everything appears gain compensated to the outside and is dead-easy to operate within a slick, modernized user interface. Also the transformer/tube cicuit modeling got some updates to appear more detailed and vibrant, while all non-linear algorithms got oversampled for additional aliasing supression.

The plugin is free to download for Windows (32/64-bit VST) from the Variety Of Sound website.