Variety Of Sound releases ThrillseekerLA


Variety Of Sound has released ThrillseekerLA, a digital stereo leveling amplifier with truly analog qualities.

ThrillseekerLA not only introduces way smooth gain riding capabilities but first and foremost features a non-linear amplifier stage which is based on a non-linearity with memory yielding creamy signal coloration duties

Variety Of Sound ThrillseekerLAVariety Of Sound ThrillseekerLA

ThrillseekerLA features

  • Sophisticated and deep gain riding full of musical character and attitude but with virtually no inter-modulation (IM) distortion artifacts.
  • Feedback compression design w/o any samplerate based delay in the loop.
  • Classic input level driven two knob design with additional manual attack and release time interventions.
  • Highly program dependent envelope timing adoption offering attack times ranging from “instantaneously” up to around 100ms and release times from 30ms up to several seconds.
  • Mix level switch to adopt the plug-ins internal gain staging to mixing levels at around -18dBFS.
  • Custom SC filter option to attenuate the SC bass response while slightly boosting the HF spectrum.
  • Additional one pole (6dB per octave) SC low-cut filter adjustable from 20 to 500Hz.
  • External sidechain support.
  • Switchable Input/GR/Output metering display.
  • Variable compression range control from 0 to 100%

ThrillseekerLA for Windows (VST) is available as freeware.

More information: Variety Of Sound / ThrillseekerLA

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All Variety Of Sound stuff are top quality! I tried it a little and it’s awesome.


Yeah, quality plugins for sure. I use quite a few of Herbert’s plugins regularly.


v1.0.1 is available now:
– Stronger 2nd and 3rd harmonics added in the interstage
– Link algorithm revised and simplified
– SC lowcut filter revised