Variety Of Sound has announced the release of an update to its psychoacoustic audio exciter based on a parallel dynamic equalizer circuit: ThrillseekerXTC mkII.

It takes our hearing sensitivity into account especially regarding the perception of audio transients, tonality and loudness.

Version 2 features plugin operating level calibration for better gainstaging and output volume compensated processing. It also has a reworked DRIVE/MOJO stage featuring full bandwidth signal saturation and a strong focus on perceived depth and dimension. This provides all those subtle qualities we typically associate with high-end analog outboard gear.

A newly introduced signal compression improves mid-range coherence and presence, and relevant parts of the plugin are running at higher internal sampling frequencies to minimize aliasing artifacts.

ThrillseekerXTC mkII is free to download as a 32/64-bit VST plugin for Windows.

More information: Variety Of Sound