VAST Dynamics Vaporizer

VAST Dynamics has released version 1.20 of Vaporizer, a synthesizer plug-in designed to combine a fat virtual analog sound, low system CPU resource usage and a low price.

On Feb 7th 2015, we announce a major release with many free functional enhancements and usability improvements. This is now a stable release that is intended to stay here for a while. Please update your version.

Changes in Vaporizer v1.20

  • Major step in terms of functionality, usability and stability.
  • Added a sophisticated attenuation model to ensure that detune, random retriggering, invert with multiple oscillators within a bank will generate similar output levels and loudness.
  • Added VCF and VCA envelope modes (analog, digital, linear).
  • Added 7th & 8th modulation matrix slot.
  • Added a complete new bank of 28 high-quality presets (thanks to TRUEPIANO for contributing here!)
  • Made knobs per default not velocity sensitive – they become only velocity sensitive when Ctrl or Cmd/Mac is pressed (for fine tuning of values).
  • Added version and plugin type info.
  • Added separate sync button for LFO2.
  • Increased ARP and LFO1&2 steps to 64 to allow sixty-fourth notes.
  • Increased all attack, decay and release times.
  • Made ENV sliders logartihmical for attack, decay and release to allow better visibility and fine tuning of lower times.
  • Added twelve (12!) new modulation matrix destinations for all effect settings: DistortionDryWet, DistortionDrive, DistortionFuzz, ChorusDryWet, ChorusFrequency, ChorusDepth, DelayDryWet, DelayTime, DelayFeedback, ReverbDryWet, ReverbSize, ReverbFeedback.
  • Added modulation matrix destination for panning.
  • Increased pitch mod range.
  • Cleaned up sequence of mod matrix sources and destinations.
  • Improved Windows installer: VST3s are now automatically copied to Common Files/VST3.
  • Fixed: ARP issue with first notes played.
  • Fixed: oscillator invert was not working.
  • Fixed: issue with envelope sustain.
  • Fixed: LFO modulating LFO2 issue.
  • Fixed: LPF filter aliasing issue when using detune knob.
  • Fixed: issue with pitch bender.
  • Fixed: clicks when adding oscillator while note on.

Vaporizer for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) is available for purchase for 24.90 EUR (ex VAT within EU).

More information: VAST Dynamics / Vaporizer