VCV has launched a new module for its open source VCV Rack modular software.

Spectra is a 16-band spectral designer featuring two filter bank models, with complete modulation over all frequency band responses.

Spectra for VCV Rack

It is modeled on the 296r Spectral Processor but also includes an ideal digital model with a more transparent character.

Spectra can be used as a vocoder, a colorful graphic EQ, a VCF for synth voices, a transient generator for percussion, and an external FX processor. As usual, virtually every parameter can be externally controlled with CV signals.

Many hardware spectral processor modules allow cross-modulation between two units via a bus cable behind their panels. Spectra supports this via an “auxiliary” input, which emulates an additional 16 bands for modulating the amplitudes of the 16 main “carrier” bands. This feature allows Spectra to be used as a vocoder without manually patching a second instance.

Spectra is available for purchase for $30 USD.

More information: VCV