Venomode has announced the upcoming release of Maximal 3, a free upgrade for all existing Maximal 2 users, who also get access to the pre-release version before the official release.

Maximal 3 is a loudness maximiser, designed to limit and maximise your track. Featuring both a true-peak brickwall limiter and a variable shape soft clipper, Maximal 3 can increase the overall loudness of your track, without destroying the sonic quality.

The limiter features true-peak lookahead detection, meaning inter-sample peaks will never overshoot and clip. With four different modes, and controls for attack and release, the shape of the limiter can achieve anything from transparent limiting with transient preservation, to warm bus gluing or pumping.

Maximal 3 for Windows, Mac and Linux (VST/VST3, AU and AAX) will be available in the near future.

Owners of Maximal 2 users can find the beta (0.9.0) installer files in their user area, and new users can purchase a license at Venomode or distributor Plugin Boutique for £29 GBP / $35 USD.