Venomode has announced availability of Complexer 2, taking the multi-stage compressor format of the original and turning it up to 11.

Complexer 2 is a multi-stage dynamics processor, featuring three independently controlled dynamics processors, each with a choice of six different modes.

Each of the three processors can be configured as an upward or downward compressor, an upward or downward expander, a limiter, or a gate. Complexer 2 offers four different arrangements for processing: serial/parallel chaining, stereo, mid/side, and multiband.

Complexer 2 is a dynamics powerhouse, letting you take complete control of your track.

Complexer 2 is now in early access with 25% off, priced at £29 GBP (RRP £39 GBP). It is available for Windows and Mac in VST and AU plugin formats.

More information: Venomode