Venomode has released an update to the Lowtility 2 low-end filter and mid/side utility plugin for Windows, Mac and Ubuntu.

Version 2.1.0 of the plugin that lets you cleanly cut the low frequencies from your mix, and modify the stereo width of the low end, comes with support for Apple M1 processors.

Lowtility is a stereo tool designed to control the low end of your mix. It features a variable-slope low pass filter, along with a separate section for finely tuning the stereo width of the bass frequencies.

With the with stereo meters, you can visualise how the left and right channels interact, making sure you don’t have any phase-cancellation issues.

Changes in Lowtility v2.1.0

  • Apple M1 support.
  • Audition low end width section.
  • Slider values can be manually typed.
  • Improved GUI drawing performance.
  • Dropped 32-bit Windows support.
  • Fixed: Sometimes crashing on session reload.
  • Fixed: Graph lines flickering when dragging window.
  • Fixed: Custom scaling not working correctly in Reaper.

The plugin is on sale for £7 GBP / $9 USD instead of the regular price of £15 GBP / $19 USD until May 3rd, 2022. The update is free for existing users.

More information: Venomode