Venomode has updated the Phrasebox MIDI phrase arpeggiator plugin to version 1.0.3, adding support for exporting phrases, and multi-channel notes.

With the new drag and drop feature, you can now drag a MIDI file onto the piano roll and automatically have the phrase applied. You can then drag the resulting MIDI file into your DAW.

In addition, each row can now be set to a different MIDI channel, allowing more complex routing and control of instruments. Note that some DAWs don’t support this and will simply output all notes on channel 1.

Turn simple chord sequences into expressive melody lines and musical phrases. Simply design your phrase in the piano roll, and Phrasebox will playback the pattern using whatever notes you input.

You have complete control over how the phrase is played. Select notes in pitch order, or use the special selectors – such as the loudest/quietest or first-played/last-played. Your phrase will be played back with sample-accurate timing.

Changes in Phrasebox v1.0.3

  • Added: Rows can be set to different MIDI channels.
  • Added: Strum generation in piano roll.
  • Added: Can move notes with keyboard arrows.
  • Added: Drag and drop export.
  • Fixed: Possible crash when moving in DAW chain.
  • Fixed: Spacebar not being passed to DAW in some cases.

Phrasebox is priced £49 GBP. The update is free for existing users. A trial version is available to download in VST/AU plugin formats (64-bit).

More information: Venomode