Mokafix Tatapoum v4

Venusian Snail Traffic (Mokafix) has updated Tatapoum to version 4.035.

Updated in v4.035

  • Fixed a bug due to the ADSR used to make the decay: in reverse mode, and decay mode, the sample wouldn’t stop, when the sample start was not 0
  • Replaced the browser (seems to cause problems on some systems) with the original browser. The file is 2mb less now
  • Added 2 outputs, so it has 6 stereo outputs
  • The ADSR’s attack is set to -1 attack instead of -15, so that the attack is not too sharp, because it resulted it clicks when using the velocity to sample start
  • The “pitch” knobs are now reset to 0, because they were not reset to 0 (even though the GUI showed different)

Visit the Tatapoum wiki for more information and a link to download the latest Tatapoum release.