Vermona has announced the release of the new uniCYCLE classic oscillator and quadroPOL voltage controlled polarizer, extending its current Eurorack product range.

Vermona uniCYCLE and quadroPOL

It seems that we are putting the cart before the horse. With our twinVCAmp and twinVCFilter we first made the components for dynamics and sound shaping. With uniCYCLE we now bring the fundamental part that generates the tone.

The module is equipped with the common inputs for synchronisation (hard and soft) as well as exponential and linear frequency modulation. uniCYCLE generates six waveforms. Beside square, sawtooth and triangle it offers sine, even and a saw with doubled frequency.
The oscillator is designed for generating all kinds of synthetic sounds: bass- and lead voices as well as percussions.
quadroPOL – the missing link

Although quadroPOL is the perfect partner for uniCYCLE, it is not only limited to that purpose. It is ultra-flexible and universal in any situation. You can use it as attenuator, inverter, mixer, VCA or – thanks to its premium four-quadrant-multipliers – as ring-modulator. Once you got to know it you will ask yourself how you could ever lived without it.

quadroPOL is useful tool as well as exquisit sound shaper. At least one should be in every eurorack-system.

Both 10 HP modules are available as of now.

More information: Vermona

Vermona quadroPOL

Vermona quadroPOL side