Versilian Studios Xylophone

Versilian Studios has announced the release of its Xylophone virtual instrument library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

The Xylophone is an ancient and common member of the percussion family, specifically the selection of pitched mallet percussion. It is formed of a line of pitched wooden (or synthetic) blocks. When hit with a mallet, the instrument produces a tone. Resonators (in the form of tubes) under the blocks give the instrument an added ring. Mallets may vary from a soft yarn mallet to a very hard rubber mallet (more suitable for full orchestral work) or in Dictatorships, the terrifying metal mallets of death, doom, and broken xylophones.

This virtual instrument includes three different mallet settings, recorded with two sets of microphones including Round Robin and multiple velocity layers for loads of fun! NB: This product uses the mod wheel.

Xylophone features

  • c. 3 1/2 Octaves of chromatic sampling.
  • 2x Natural RR and 2 Velocity Layers.
  • Compact GUI to minimize screen space.
  • Two microphone ranges to mix.

The Xylophone instrument is available for Kontakt and in VST/AU plug-in formats. Until September 2nd, 2013, you can order for a “pay-what-you-like” price, with various rewards for donations.

More information: Versilian Studios / Xylophone