Vertigo Sound has announced the release of its VSC-3 Plugin, a true emulation of its quad discrete VCA compressor.

Vertigo Sound VSC3 Plugin

The Vertigo Sound Limiter incorporates four discrete 1979 VCAs for two channels. Each channel has one VCA in the Audio Path and another one inside the sidechain. In stereo mode both sidechains are active (they are not summed together) and the higher signal peak on any of both channels results in the compression of both (in Stereo SC Mode).

Therefore the VSC-3 is reacting also on out of phase signals (peaks) without image shift. Moreover, the detector (a Peak/RMS Feedback Design) of each channel works in such a way, that stereo compression can be achieved even without stereolinking. This precision makes the VSC-3 also the first choice for mastering applications.

VSC-3 features

  • Discrete VCA compressor based hardware emulation.
  • Discrete VCA Distortion Spectrum up to 0,6% THD.
  • Smooth and Punchy Sound.
  • Soft (Varimu) to Brick 40:1.
  • PEAK and RMS detection.
  • Large selection of time constants.
  • Super fast Metering.
  • Low Cut SC Filter with 6 frequency settings.
  • Each channel provides Dry/Wet controls.

The VSC-3 Plugin is available for 149 EUR in VST/VST3, AU and AAX formats.

More information: Vertigo Sound