Vestax Pad-One

Vestax has announced the Pad-One, a portable MIDI pad controller.

The Vestax PAD-One is a solid robust MIDI pad controller, compatible with various DJ & DAW software and can be used to control any kind of MIDI device, including synthesizers, samplers, drum machines, and electronic drums.

The aluminum chassis will never warp or crack, ensuring you long life durability and stability. The PAD-One can individually assign pads on the fly, and shows you each pads MIDI value on the 7seg indicator. Compact, solid and reliable, the PAD One is the ideal item to your DJ arsenal.

Pad-One features

  • 12 velocity & pressure sensitive LED backlit pads.
  • Individual LED color for each bank.
  • MIDI message for each pad can be selected with the PAD-One.
  • Real time control XY touch pad.
  • Solid aluminum die-casted robust chassis.
  • Full control of ROLL button tempo with the TAP button.
  • MIDI cable connection for control over various effect and sampler devices.
  • USB plug & play.
  • Excellent portability.

Visit the Vextax website for more information.