Vienna Symphonic Library Suite Reverb

Vienna Symphonic Library has announced version 1.1 of effect plug-in bundle Vienna Suite, and Vienna Ensemble PRO, a network-compatible mixing and host software.

We’ll soon be boosting our Vienna Suite audio plug-ins with more than 300 additional Presets for all kinds of Vienna Instruments. Tailor-made expert settings will be added in the categories of Compressor, Equalizer, Master Equalizer, Multiband, and PowerPan.

What’s more, an all-new Convolution Reverb will soon be part Vienna Suite 1.1. This 64-bit plug-in offers “True Stereo” 4 channel processing of impulse responses. Its advanced impulse manipulation, including a sophisticated decorrelation algorithm, allows for rich, lush and spacious atmospheres. The plug-in will include selected sets of exclusive impulse responses, coming from esteemed audio experts such as Numerical Sound.

Convolution Reverb features

  • Fully 64-bit compatible.
  • Zero latency processing.
  • Unique impulse decorrelation, for lush, natural ambiences.
  • Non-destructive envelopes for impulse volume, pan, decorrelation, highpass and lowpass.
  • “True Stereo” 4 channel processing.
  • High-quality impulse sample rate conversion.
  • High-quality impulse equalizer.
  • Reverse impulse response.
  • Pre-delay (0–500 ms).
  • Time stretch (25–400%).
  • Auto gain (compensates impulse volume).
  • Reads WAV, FLAC, VCI formats.
  • Sample rates up to 96 kHz.
  • Formats AU, VST, RTAS (Mac OS X – Intel only), VST (Win).

Because of this major enhancement, the price of Vienna Suite 1.1 will go up on May 16. However, this update of Vienna Suite will be available as a FREE download to all existing users, and it will maintain its current price for new customers through May 15, 2009.

Vienna Ensemble PRO is a major upgrade to VSL’s MIDI and audio LAN solution Vienna Ensemble 3.

New in Vienna Ensemble PRO

  • 3rd party plug-in hosting (AU and VST formats).
  • Preserve feature – Disconnect your Vienna Ensemble PRO slave machine from your master machine while keeping your instruments loaded, and re-connect to a new project.
  • Mixer Automation.
  • Improved User Interface design.

Vienna Ensemble PRO will be available for download soon. Registered users of Vienna Ensemble 3 will get the upgrade free of charge.

Visit Vienna Symphonic Library for more information.