Vienna Symphonic Library has announced the sixth title in the Austrian company’s »HELLO« Free Instruments series of free virtual instruments for the Synchron Player software.

Harp Glissandos provides a wide variety of harp glissandos with variations that are easily accessible across the keyboard.

The glissandos are available in all 12 major and minor scales, played upwards and downwards. What’s more, users may choose between slow, medium and fast glissandos played over the full range of the instrument, or just in the low range, mid range or high range.

The harp was recorded in Vienna’s second studio, the Silent Stage, which offers a tight, controlled ambience that lets users place these sounds in any acoustic environment they can imagine, either with the onboard convolution and algorithmic reverbs included in the Vienna Synchron Player, or with any external effects plugins.

Preconfigured mixer presets offer various reverb lengths and effects, from ethereal and retro characteristics to placements such as close, classic or distant.

Harp Glissandos is free to registered users at the Vienna Symphonic Library website (registration is free).