The Vienna Symphonic Library has announced the release of a virtual representation of a historic salon organ recorded on Stage A of Synchron Stage Vienna.

Synchron Molzer Organ comes with Vienna’s proprietary sample engine and a user interface tailor-made for organ playing, the Vienna Organ Player.

It is the first time that a historic salon organ was sampled on a scoring stage, enabling it to blend seamlessly with small or large orchestras playing in the same room. Though much smaller than a typical pipe organ, the venerable salon organ is no less blessed with a range of dynamics and colors, capable of both majestic fanfares and quiet reflections.

The exceptional acoustics of Synchron Stage’s large hall lend a special transparency to the organ, making it suitable for a variety of styles, from intimate chamber music to large orchestral works and to church music. Using the Synchron Organ Player’s plentiful mixer presets, it can also be used as a solo instrument in all kinds of acoustic environments.

Synchron Molzer Organ features

  • Multiple microphone positions.
  • Multi-timbral Vienna Organ Player.
  • Easy manageable manuals and pedal.
  • Perfect overview with three main tabs.
  • Tremulant and wwell options.
  • Masterfully crafted mixer presets.

The instrument library is available for Windows and Mac (VST/VST3, AU and AAX) at an introductory price of $82 USD for the Standard Library (regular $104 USD), and $158 USD for the Full Library (regular $191 USD). The difference between the Standard Library and the Full Library is the number of available microphone positions.

The offer is available at the VSL store and from distributor Best Service.