Vienna Symphonic Library has released a brand-new collection that brings you a fresh supply of the finest drum and percussion instruments.

Sampled in the most meticulous way at Synchron Stage Vienna, Synchron Percussion II includes taikos, timpani, roto-toms, vibraphone, bass drum 2, tam-tam 3, Burmese gongs, crotales, plate bells, thundersheets, log drums, anvils and many more.

All instruments include single strokes in many velocity layers and several round robins, rolls and effect articulations. For some instruments, rolls are available in two variants: “Static” rolls are recorded without changing dynamics and allow you to transition smoothly through velocity layers from pianissimo to fortissimo. “Dynamic” rolls were recorded with their dynamic changes (crescendos and diminuendos) performed over various lengths. You may release the key at any time – the individually adapted release samples will be triggered automatically.

Included MIDI loops for taikos and timpani make it easy to create driving rhythms. Just pre-listen in the Synchron Player and drag them into your DAW.

Every instrument was recorded using 12 microphones. You may select from four microphone positions (Standard Library) or seven different microphone positions (Full Library) and mix them to your liking, using the full-fledged mixer of the Vienna Synchron Player.

Synchron Percussion II is available at introductory prices of $376 USD (Standard Library, four microphone positions, normally $540 USD) and $681 USD (Full Library, seven microphone positions, normally $971 USD) through August 3th, 2020.

The instrument groups of this collection may also be purchased in six separately available sub-collections: Synchron Timpani II, Synchron Drums II, Synchron Mallets II, Synchron Cymbals & Gongs II, Synchron Bells II, and Synchron Orchestral Percussion II.

The instrument libraries are available from Vienna Symphonic Library and distributor PluginFox.