The Vienna Symphonic Library has announced the release of two string instruments recorded in the large hall of Synchron Stage Vienna.

Synchron Solo Violin and Synchron Solo Cello capture the artistic excellence, emotional depth, and technical precision of the performances by acclaimed soloists Marina Dimitrova and Florian Eggner, ensuring every note resonates with authenticity and nuanced expression.

A string instrument is arguably the most expressive among classical orchestra instruments, especially when it takes center stage as a soloist. The interplay between the bow, the fingers and the instrument opens up a vast and varied panoply of sound and performance possibilities. That’s why creating a solo strings virtual instrument is one of the ultimate challenges of sampling artistry, having to balance two key aspects: capturing the instrument’s full expressive complexity without imposing limitations, while simultaneously providing a software instrument that is easy to use and sounds authentic from the get-go.

The crucial factor that fundamentally determines the quality of a library is, above all, the musicians themselves. Sampling sessions are inherently demanding, requiring endurance and intense concentration. Over the years, the Vienna team has refined the recording process to create the ideal conditions for the musicians. Striking the right balance between providing guidance and allowing musicians to find their own flow has been key. It is to VSL’s significant advantage that the musicians have become highly specialized session players for scoring recordings, while also bringing extensive experience in sampling to the studio.

Each of the two Collections is currently available at an introductory price of $173 USD for the Standard Library (regular $231 USD), and $241 USD for the Full Library (regular $326 USD). The difference between each Standard Library and Full Library is the number of available microphone positions. Customers who purchase both Collections at once get an additional discount of 10% off the introductory prices.

The offer is available at the VSL store and from distributors Best Service and PluginFox until July 31st, 2024.