Vintage Drum Samples has announced the release of a new drum sample library inspired by Fleetwood Mac.

This drum-sound is inescapable and indispensable in music history. If you like vintage DRY (and in your face) drums of the late 70s, you will enjoy the “FLEET DRUMS”. Inspired by THE legend, we tried very hard to emulate the entire chain to imitate this inimitable sound, so that everyone can now play the FLEEDWOODlesque drum-style.

Fleet Mac Wood Drums for Kontakt comes with a clear and easy to use interface for a whole Ludwig drumkit, with multiple round-robins (up to 12rr) and articulations. Wav files are also included.

Also recently released:

  • Ramone Blitzkrieg Drums: Vintage punk-rock drums of the 70s inspired by the legendary band, the Ramones.
  • Wrecking 60s Hit Factor Drums: Nostalgic and (early 60s) Blaine-esque drum sound of Hal Blaine (150 US top 10 hits, 40 of which went to number one).

The sample libraries are available for purchase for $10 USD each.

More information: Vintage Drum Samples