Vintage Drum Samples has introduced its new sample library of a Ludwig drum kit that aims to bring the sounds of the ’70s to your music productions.

The mix-ready John Lemmon Drums library features multiple round-robins and articulations recorded to tape.

Our little journey through time continues…. Entered destination of our time machine: Tittenhurst Park 1971

IMAGINE if you could make ballads that sound almost authentic like THE 70’s anthem for PEACE and FREEDOM, you would surely enjoy these “LENNON DRUMS”.

Inspired by THE legend, we put a lot of effort into emulating the entire chain to emulate that inimitable deep sound with era-specific instruments and gear, so now everyone can play the LENNONesque drumming style.

The sample library is priced $10 USD. It requires the full version of Kontakt 5.4.3 or higher. Wav files are included for use without Kontakt.

More information: Vintage Drum Samples