Vintage Drum Samples has introduced its new drum sample library Queen Drums, featuring the sounds of a Taylor-esque drum kit.

Our little journey through time continues…. Entered destination of our time machine: UK 1975

If you like incomparably royal rocking vintage drums with a high recognition value in the style of the mid-70s, you will enjoy the “QUEEN DRUMS”. Inspired by THE legend, we tried very hard to emulate the entire chain to imitate this inimitable LUDWIG sound with era-specific instruments and mics, so that everyone can now play the TAYLOResque drum-style.

Available for Kontakt 5.4.3 or higher, the drum kit features multiple (up to 12) round robins and articulations. Wav files are includes for use without Kontakt.

Queen Drums is priced $10 USD.

More information: Vintage Drum Samples