VST Buzz has launched its Vault series sample library Vintage Machines, a collection of sounds from 8 iconic vintage drum machines that feature both the original sounds and additional variations produced by processing them through vintage analog gear.

Vintage drum machines and analogue gear have their own defining character. But what happens when you run a vintage drum machine through different analogue rigs?

“Vintage Machines” explores 8 different drum machines run through a selection of Classic Outboard Gear to create the old school tones, textures and timbres that only this combination of gear can offer!

The 6 GB sample pack features the sounds of the Roland TR-808, TR-727 and TR-606, Sequential DrumTracks, RSF DD30, Oberheim DMX, LinnDrum and Alesis SR-16. Samples were processed with the Emu Systems SP-1200, Akai S950, MPC3000 and Lexicon 200.

Vintage Machines is available for 27 EUR. You can use Rewards Points to get a discount on your purchase.

More information: VST Buzz