Modartt has released the Vintage Tines MKII for Pianoteq, a gorgeous and extremely playable instrument, physically modelled after the famous electro-acoustic piano MKII.

Pianoteq Electric Pianos

Pianoteq can reproduce famous electro-acoustic pianos from the seventies. This instrument pack includes three amazing instruments with a gorgeous sound. Each instrument has its own sound character and personality, and can be customized to your own taste.

By using the embedded effects in Pianoteq, such as Amp, Chorus, Tremolo, Tine noise, and even the Blooming parameters, these instruments can be transformed into amazingly expressive variants.

The MKII reflects mechanical improvements made by the manufacturer after the MKI release. It offers 30 exciting presets, many of these created by the sound designer Klaus P. Rausch.

Vintage Tines MKII is part of the Electric Pianos instrument pack, which is available for purchase for 49 EUR. Requires Pianoteq 5.7 or higher.

More information: Pianoteq / Electric Pianos