VIProducer has announced the launch of three Plugin Packages, offering virtual instruments, multi-track audio, and educational videos by Printz Board, Doctor P and StoneBridge.

VIProducer is a new company that sells exclusive access to the creative processes, techniques and minds of music’s biggest producers… and their sounds. VIProducer is proud to announce three new Plugin Packages featuring, Printz Board, Doctor P and StoneBridge. Each package delivers exclusive content that combines three virtual instruments with multi-track audio and educational video materials delivered by the featured producers, giving users a complete suite of tools to help take their own productions to the next level.

What’s Included in a VIProducer Plugin Package?

A VIProducer Plugin Package is centred around three virtual instrument plugins, the VIP Synth, Beat Maker and Drum Shaper. Each of these delivers the featured producer’s very own signature sounds in a flexible and userfriendly package. Each plugin provides a track proven platform from which to launch your own productions. With a wide range of effects, filters & envelopes, there is ample flexibility to hand when it comes to sculpting your own sounds as well. The extra functionality provided by the arpeggiator, step sequencer and gate designer ensures that the sounds really can be tailored to perfection.

As well as offering up their own signature sounds, they give unprecedented access to one of their very own stem sessions. You can then follow along as they personally walk you through their production process. With a sit-in-thesession video, audio examples and textbook style instructions, users will:

  • Break down complete songs in any DAW with exclusive stem session files.
  • Rebuild songs from the ground up, playing the parts with the producer’s actual sounds, loops and samples.
  • Follow step-by-step instructions aided by video and audio clip examples.
  • Improve their productions with professional tips and tricks.
  • Examine the workflow and production processes of proven hit makers.
  • Discover new methods of producing songs, from start to finish.
  • Develop techniques to prompt creative inspiration in their own projects.

Each VIProducer Plugin Package fulfils VIProducer’s primary aim of providing users with access to the sounds, techniques and knowledge employed by the world’s leading producers to create music that’s ready for the road.

VIProducer Packages will be available from January 21st for $149 USD/£99 GBP. VIProducer plugins are available in AAX, Audio Unit, RTAS and VST (require iLok account and the latest version of the free UVI Workstation or MOTU’s MachFive).

More information: VIProducer