VirHarmonic has announced the release of version 3 of the Bohemian Violin including Expansion 2, a virtual instrument library featuring 55,000+ unique samples and extensive true legatos.

VirHarmonic Bohemian Violin

The Virtual Performer has been expanded, delivering a wide array of additional Bow-Change Legatos, new Moods (Concertino & Sprightly) and the new performer Poly-Legato named Maestro.

Due to the extensive amount of samples required for realism, Virharmonic has developed a virtual performer to handle the articulations, legatos and bow selection for the composer as they play. This is designed to allow the composer to concentrate on playing and being inspired in a similar fashion as they would working with a real Violinist.

The expanded version comes with a sample pool of 55,000+ on a single microphone position, this variety is so complex that VirHarmonic has designed “Moods” – sets of complex behaviors that can be changed on the fly with a single key-switch.

For every note they have sampled hundreds of intervals, dynamics and speed based samples, resulting in a performance that stays in true musical phrase from the first note played until the last. Their Legato is captured in phrase and in musical context, making each legato type a true sample of a real performance. Each of their articulations or moods can also be forced upon the performer using an assignable force key, giving the composer control over the performer should they choose to adjust the performers behavior.

The Bohemian Violin is available for 199 EUR ex. VAT where applicable. It runs in the free UVI Workstation and Falcon.

More information: VirHarmonic