VirSyn has announced availability of AddStation, an additive synthesizer instrument for iPad and iPhone.

Additive synthesis is a sound synthesis technique that creates timbre by adding sine waves together. The timbre of musical instruments can be considered to consist of multiple harmonic or inharmonic partials or overtones.

VirSyn already has a remarkable track record of products e.g. CUBE and POSEIDON trying to make this virtually unlimited synthesis method manageable for creative sound designers and musicians. AddStation is the next step forward giving you a tool to explore completely new sonic territory.

AddStation features

  • Fractal additive synthesis.
  • Over 170 sound presets.
  • Four parts with 8 Additive Sequence Blocks.
  • Sound morphing.
  • Up to 512 partials per voice with independent AD envelopes.
  • Harmonic/inharmonic spectra.
  • Ringmodulation.
  • Arbitrary filter function and noise spectra.
  • Four independent analog style Arpeggiators.
  • Effects: Chorus, Phaser, Flanger, Overdrive, Parametric EQ, Echo/Delay, Reverb.
  • AUv3 for Host integration.
  • Audiobus 3 compatible (Input slot) with state saving.
  • Support for Ableton Link.
  • Inter-app audio compatible (Instrument/Generator).
  • CoreMIDI / Virtual MIDI.
  • Audio recorder.

AddStation is available in the App Store, priced $8.99 USD.

More information: VirSyn