VirSyn has released iVoxel 2 for Mac, a completely revised version of the “singing vocoder”.

VirSyn iVoxel for Mac

iVoxel is not only an amazingly sounding vocoder – the unique concept of iVoxel turns this vocoder into a singing machine.

iVoxel is a combination of a voice optimized synthesizer and a vocoder. The vocoder part is based on the Matrix vocoder from VirSyn used by many famous artists – one of them the well known german group Kraftwerk. The channel filters used by iVoxel are based on the Sennheiser Vocoder VSM201 resulting in a rich and fat analogue sound characteristic.

The pitch follower and automatic tuning let you sing correct to a selectable scale.

Changes in iVoxel 2 for Mac

  • Realtime pitch following.
  • Automatic tuning correction to selectable scale.
  • Improved sound quality with analog oscillators.
  • Polyphonic sequencer.
  • Voxel editing.
  • Convert audio files to Voxel.
  • Hi-end Reverb.
  • New user interface.
  • Sandboxed app for your security.
  • Many bugfixes.

iVoxel 2 for Mac is available to purchase for $23.99 USD.

More information: VirSyn / iVoxel