VirSyn VTAPE v1.1

VirSyn has released version 1.2 of VTAPE, the analog tape suite for Windows and Mac.

Changes in VTAPE v1.2

  • Surround effect delay.
  • VST3 compatibility.
  • Multichannel capabilities up to 10.2 (VST3/AU/RTAS).
  • Independent level control for each tap.
  • Delay: Multichannel Mixer.
  • Delay: Input link function for multichannel delay.
  • Saturator: automatic gain compensation.
  • Fixed: Flanger position automation not working (AU).
  • Fixed: Compatibility problem with Cubase 4.x/PSP 42.
  • Fixed: Output gain doesn’t work as expected (Delay).

Visit VirSyn for more information, audio demos and a link to download a demo version of VTAPE.

Note: Syncrosoft dongle required to run the demo.