Plugin Boutique has launched a limited time promotion on the Virtual Pianist series by UJAM, offering up to 67% off on the electric and grand piano instruments for the next few weeks.

On sale for only $49 USD each, the promotion includes the following products:

  • VIBE is first and foremost a perfectly produced electric piano with pristine full-bodied sound and lots of dynamics. It’s based on a legendary instrument from the 1960’s whose brand name has become synonymous with this type of sound.
  • VOGUE is a professional session player well-versed in contemporary musical styles. This virtual musician can contribute rhythmic tracks as part of a band, accompaniments for singers and instrumentalists, or simple but appealing solo passages and instrumental playbacks.
  • SCORE brings the grand emotion for that cinematic touch. If you love movies and games, you know just how much the backing music can make or break the feeling of a story. With more than 175 powerful presets, SCORE lets you effortlessly guide your viewers and listeners to the feelings of your story.

The offer is available until August 25th, 2024.

More information: UJAM / Virtual Pianist