IK Multimedia has announced the availability of a free update to all AmpliTube 5 users, premiering virtual versions of the 4 AmpliTube X-GEAR pedals to demo and purchase, and to anticipate the imminent hardware release.

With version 5.1, virtual X-GEAR pedals are now available in AmpliTube 5 via the Custom Shop with immediate access to X-SPACE, X-TIME, X-DRIVE and X-VIBE.

The process for demoing X-GEAR is the same as for any gear in AmpliTube 5 with the same 72-hour trial period, allowing users to fully test the 16 effects and different controls of each pedal.

Furthermore, users can choose between purchasing any virtual X-GEAR pedal separately at 149.99 USD/EUR via the Custom Shop, or grabbing both the hardware pedal and its virtual version from the IK store for 299.99 USD/EUR. All prices excluding taxes where applicable.

With the release of the hardware pedals, users will be able to save presets in AmpliTube 5 and transfer them back and forth to the physical units using the X-GEAR Librarian to bring their studio sound onstage. Version 5.1 of AmpliTube 5 also implements spillover in all reverb and delay effects (the effect’s tail persists when the gear is bypassed).

Existing users can update AmpleTube via the IK Product Manager, while new users can download the free, expandable AmpliTube 5 Custom Shop.

More information: IK Multimedia