Plugin Boutique has released an update to the VirtualCZ software synthesizer instrument inspired by the iconic CZ series synths from Casio.

After adding Apple Silicon M1 support earlier in the year, this new update adds support for the Oddsound MTS-ESP micro tuning system, and fixes several bugs.

VirtualCZ is an emulation of the synthesis engine from the CASIO CZ range of synthesisers that were produced in the 1980s. It also functions as an editor for those synthesisers, since it can save, load and transmit CZ System Exclusive (SYSEX) data. VirtualCZ offers many enhancements and extra features to increase the possibilities and improve usability.

Changes in VirtualCZ v1.3

  • Added support for Oddsound MTS-ESP micro tuning system.
  • Fixed shift-click menu on Vibrato Sync Rate dial.
  • (AUv2) Fixed occasional hang on instantiation in Logic X.
  • (AAX) Fixed parameters not recalling correctly in PT11 when reloading projects.

The synth is available for purchase for £59 GBP. Existing users can download the update for free in their accounts.

More information: Plugin Boutique