4drX has released an updated version of VirtualKeyboard, a highly configurable virtual keyboard for use as a 32/64-bit MIDI Instrument or Logic MIDI Effect plugin, or as a standalone program.

4drX VirtualKeyboard

Version 1.4.1 comes with improvements to the MIDI player to make it even easier to control with your computer keyboard.

Display multi-channel MIDI input in a resizable keyboard layout to learn new songs, show what you are playing in your video demos or send notes by clicking on its keys if you don’t have a MIDI controller. The standalone version includes a SFZ player and offers a free download of an acoustic piano.

Changes in VirtualKeyboard v1.4.1

  • New keyboard shortcuts: use ‘up arrow’ to increase the speed, ‘down arrow’ to decrease it, ‘spacebar’ to play / pause, ‘left arrow’ to rewind 4 seconds and ‘right arrow’ to fast forward 4 seconds.
  • Fix: Notes are held as you would expect when the internal MIDI player stops.
  • The speed is now reset to 1 when you load a new MIDI file.
  • A mixer button has been added: control the gain of the Sounds in each MIDI channel and the total gain.

VirtualKeyboard for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/Standalone) costs 19 EUR.

More information: 4drX / VirtualKeyboard

4drX VirtualKeyboard Mixer