Audio Plugin Deals has launched a new Black Lightening Deal, offering 70% off on the Virtuoso Ensembles orchestral Kontakt Player library by Kirk Hunter Studios.

Kirk Hunter Studios Virtuoso Ensembles

The virtual instrument offers strings, brass and woodwind solo sections of a full orchestra, as well as auxiliary percussion, epic hits, pristine piano, and an elegant choir.

VIRTUOSO ENSEMBLES is an epic virtual orchestral collection that’s ideal for music composition and live music performance. Designed with unprecedented flexibility, you now have the ability to arrange your own custom ensembles putting the orchestra at your command.

Developed in the Native Instruments Kontakt Player engine, VIRTUOSO ENSEMBLES delivers the finest quality sampled sound of an orchestra with extremely detailed user control; perfect for your final productions.

Virtuoso Ensembles features

  • Control four instrument sections, (strings, brass, woodwind solos) mapped across the keyboard for a realistic feeling of an entire orchestral compliment.
  • Multiple articulations, dynamics, and round robins.
  • Provides efficient and intuitive control to modify the split or crossfade between each of the 4 sections giving you amazing flexibility to get the ideal mix.
  • Intuitive visual dynamic LED indication for active section and active keys played.
  • Effortlessly switch between “Legato” and “Poly” modes.
  • Uses IntervaLive® to add realistic transitional intervals in both “Legato” and “Poly” mode.
  • Stack up any combination of the 4 sections together, or use them independently.
  • Control the mix of each section’s volume and pan.

Virtuoso Ensembles is on sale for $89.99 USD through Monday, November 26th.

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