Vocal Pockets has released two new groove enhancer packs which reduce the need to manually nudge notes and rely on compressors and delays to get a better groove.

The packs have been described by a multi-platinum producer and engineer as a “game changer.” Simply load the pack contents into your music production software and use them as custom quantization settings. The packs take music off the straight 1/16th note grid and as a result give your tracks a more natural feel and create new melodic spaces for a vocalist to perform.

Kings & Queens is designed as a jack of all trades groove, featuring carefully-crafted groove enhancers designed to create more melodic spaces for vocalists. NuHouse Swing is inspired by the top EDM hits and producers.

Each pack comes with 45 total MIDI file(s) in .mid format, groove pool files for Ableton Live, score files for FL Studio, Logic Pro X templates, a pro-tips guide, and a user manual to help you set up the grooves in your DAW.

Kings & Queens and NuHouse Swing are on sale at Vocal Pockets for $14 USD each for a limited time (regular $39 USD).