Loopmasters has introduced the Atlanta to Miami Rap Pack sample pack by Vocal Roads, featuring vocals from the young and fiery rapper Bl!zzi Boi from stateside.

Oh yes, he’s from Miami, Florida and now lives in Atlanta, Georgia… two South Coast Rap meccas where subgenres, like Miami bass, snap, crunk and trap, were born. Don’t skip a piece of this, while diggin’ our newest pack! Just play the demo through from start to finish and you’ll instantly be impressed by what we’re talking about: the most knockin’ beats, the sickest melodies, and the most flawless flow you’ve heard recently. WARNING! EXPLICIT CONTENT on board.

“ATLANTA TO MIAMI RAP PACK” slaps top to bottom like nothing else: all these masterly processed, artfully recorded and boldly marketed rapping stems – dry and wet, all-male, – with lyrics, midi, loops and other stems of genuine Fuego sound. All 100% ROYALTY FREE!

Atlanta to Miami Rap Pack features

  • 5 songs.
  • 5 lyrics.
  • 20 dry main chorus stems.
  • 8 dry back chorus stems.
  • 7 dry main verse stems.
  • 5 dry back verse stems.
  • 5 wet vocal stems.
  • 32 dry loops.
  • 19 midi.
  • 29 drum one shots.
  • 5 drum stems.
  • 5 bass stems.
  • 1 melody.
  • 5 synth stems.
  • 2 sfx stems.

The sample pack costs £22.95 GBP.

More information: Vocal Roads