Loopmasters has announced a limited time promotion on Vocal Roads, offering half off on a selection of sample packs by the label that delivers 100% royalty free vocals.

You don’t need a singer or microphone to flex these vocal cords. Whether you want a catchy hook, an airy atmosphere or a melodic rap flow, Vocal Roads has got what you need.

The offer includes the Atlanta to Miami Rap Pack, Love Me More RnB Vocals, Lyrical Soul & RnB, Rapping Flow, Arabian Vocal Hooks, and Explosive Hybrid Bass, which are starting from only £11.47 GBP.

The newly released Cupid’s Arrow Vocals is 20% off during the sale.

vocal roads cupids arrow vocals

This pack contains 5 original songs with lyrics, alongside dry and wet vocal stems, back-vocal stems, adlibs, phrases, loops, MIDI files, drum one-shots, bass, melodies and sfx.

“Cupid’s Arrow Vocals contains the sweetest and the most touching vocals your ears could fall in love with. And yeah, it’s double sweeter because it’s 100% ROYALTY FREE.

Well, Vocal Roads absolutely have no doubts that this pack would light the brightest sides of your [producer’s] soul with vibrant sounds of commercial house and its pumping beats, uplifting melodies, upscale synths, and catchy basslines. The 691MB of content boasts some fruitfully programmed, attentively recorded professional vocal stems with lyrics and adlibs. Dry and wet, all-female, no fuss.

The promotion runs until March 23rd, 2021.

More information: Vocal Roads