Voltage Disciple Voltage Sequencer

Voltage Disciple has announced the release of Voltage Sequencer, an Ableton Live Pack for noise and glitch musicians.

It contains devices, samples, clips and effects for use in LIVE 8.1.3 and above. All samples are from analogue modular synths and are in 24bit format.

The pack can generate many different rhythms and sounds through the use of the macro controls assigned to the racks designed for this pack. These custom racks contain step sequencers, arpeggiators, samplers and effects.

Voltage Sequencer features

  • 4x Step Sequencers with sync rate and pitch controls.
  • 4x Voltage Modules which contain controls for sample select and FXs.
  • 32 samples from rare analogue modular synths in 24bit format.
  • Lots of clips to get you started with control modulation and chain select variations.

Voltage Sequencer is available to purchase for $10 AUD.

More information: Voltage Disciple