Tom Wolfe has released a new soundbank for the Diva virtual analog synthesizer instrument by u-he.

Featuring 100 presets, Voltis is full of gritty cinematic synths that push Diva to the limits. With inspiration drawn from film scores old and new, Voltis is fizzing with analog energy.

The presets range from clicky, intense sequences to washy, atmospheric pads, with plenty in between, making Voltis great for throwback synth tracks, as well as for layering with modern orchestration to create hybrid scores with a hint of retro.

Voltis is also now included in the U-he Collection, a bundle of all Tom’s Soundbanks for U-he Diva, Zebra and Repro, with a total of 400 presets. To celebrate the new release, the U-he Collection is now available for a limited time for just £49.99 GBP (regularly £59.99 GBP).

Voltis is available for the introductory price of £11.99 GBP until March 17th, 2021 (regularly £19.99 GBP).

More information: Tom Wolfe