VoosteQ has announced an update to the Material Comp compressor audio effect plugin.

VoosteQ Material Comp

Version 1.0.3 includes various new features and improved stability.

It is equipped with 6 model compressors, preamp saturation that models 6 high-end analog devices, 8 simulations of analog circuits with hardware actually attached, and 4 glues that adhere magically.Freely combine each of these inputs for flexible adaptation ranging from modern sounds used in top hits to unique retro analog sounds.

Changes in Material Comp v1.0.3

  • Added an option to change the weight when operating knobs and sliders.(In the About Section).
  • Added option to change scale of meter and graph.(In the About Section).
  • Added an option to close the material section with a single click.(In the About Section).
  • Added a demo mode that can be used after the trial mode has ended (periodical silence, save function disabled, and permanently usable).
  • Improved Burst. (Mac & Windows).
  • Improved the problem of random crash. (Windows).
  • Fixed bug in MS mode. (Mac & Windows).
  • Improved the problem of slow animation. (Mac & Windows).
  • Fixed a bug of sampling rate when multiple startup. (Mac & Windows).
  • Fixed the Output slider not to be affected by MasterMix. (Mac & Windows).

The plugin is available for the intro price of $89 USD until March 31st, 2020. The regular price is $149 USD. PayPal is now also supported for payment.

More information: VoosteQ