Will Savin has announced the Vowel Filter, a format filter audio effect plugin for Windows and Mac.

Vowel Filter is a VST and AudioUnit plugin which uses formant filters to apply a vowel effect to incoming audio.

It includes an XY pad for blending between vowels, various parameters to adjust the vowels’ timbre, and 2 LFOs for modulating those parameters.

Vowel Filter is available for 64-bit Windows and macOS in VST and AU plugin formats. It costs £10 GBP.

Will has also recently released version 1.1 of SpectraSketch, a Max for Live device that reads image files as frequency spectrum data to allows for unique filtering, phase manipulation and sound generation.

Will Savin SpectraSketch

With version 1.1 the lower frequency limit has been extended to 0Hz and the time range now goes up to 600 seconds.

The scan line position is now retained when switching between Auto and Mouse modes, allowing Mouse mode to function as a ‘pause’ of the scan, and a new phase mode was added to allow color values to map directly to phase value instead of phase change per FFT frame.

SpectraSketch is available for £5 GBP.

More information: Will Savin