VST Buzz has launched a new Vault sample library titled Vox Arcanum, a Kontakt instrument featuring a selection of dark and ominous effects sang by a 32 person choir.

Recorded in a 300 square meter scoring stage, the library has a huge sound perfect for a range of film, game and TV composers.

Vox Arcanum is an aleatoric choral FX sample library for Kontakt, featuring 1.8GB of choral effects by a 32 person choir (8 Sopranos, 8 Altos, 8 Tenors, 8 Basses).

The material was recorded in Georgian Film Studio, a 300 square meter scoring stage, through an SSL console, Prism Sound Converters and Neumann U87, KM184, AKG 414 mics

Vox Arcanum features

  • 11 articulations to choose from.
  • 2 additional bonus snaps and claps articulations.
  • 5 microphone positions on offer.
  • 214 different samples (1296 variations in total due to decca 1, 2, 3, mid, room and mix versions of each sample).
  • 21 IR reverb samples with pre-delay, size and amount options.
  • 2.7GB of space required (900MB for download and 1.8GB for extracted product).
  • 13 Kontakt patches in total.
  • Kontakt 5.7.1 or higher required.

Vox Arcanum is available for 19 EUR ex. VAT where applicable. VST Buzz users can use Reward Points to get a discount on a purchase.

More information: VST Buzz