Vox JamVOX

VOX has released version 1.5 of JamVOX, a software solution for guitarists.

JamVOX is the amazing Jam and Practice Tool for Guitar. The simple-to-use package uses a robust monitor speaker (dual 3″ drivers) that is also a USB plug-and-play audio interface, and that includes easy-to-use software for Mac or PC computers.

The revolutionary GXT (Guitar XTracktion) function removes the guitar from any audio recording, so that you can play along; or isolates the guitar part so that you can loop it, slow it down, and learn it with ease! Featuring our distinctive VOX modeling – 19 coveted amps and 54 in-demand effect pedals – JamVOX lets you design your dream rig and create nearly any guitar sound. JamVOX also works with vocals, and even features an XLR mic input.

Changes in JamVOX v1.5

  • The GXT (Guitar XTracktion) algorithm has been greatly enhanced, and a new Easy Edit panel has been added. The Easy Edit controls make it simple to quickly remove (or isolate) the specific target sound.
  • The Tempo and Pitch Change functions have also been greatly enhanced. The high-definition algorithm “zplane élastique efficient V2″ has been integrated into these functions. This improvement allows you to clearly catch individual notes with nuances during a very fast passage, even when played at half tempo.
  • Added three types of superb High-Definition Reverbs to the FX section. The parameters have been optimized for electric guitar, so that you can achieve great sounding reverbs settings with ease.
    • HD-HALL: Simulates the early reflections and reverberation of a concert hall with the highest accuracy. This setting provides the feeling of being on stage in a concert hall.
    • HD-CHAMBER: Simulates the sonic characteristics of a large chamber. By experimenting with the parameter settings, you can achieve not only natural-sounding spatial simulations, but also wacky-sounding reverbs as well.
    • HD-ROOM: Provides a high-quality simulation of room reverb. This is a more confined, intimate reverb simulation, and can be refined by editing the parameters.

JamVOX Version 1.5 is now available free to all JamVOX users, via either the auto-update function of the JamVOX software, or by downloading directly from www.jamvox-online.com.

More information: VOX / JamVOX