Voxengo has announced a promotion on its drum recording service.

February 24th, 2010: During the next 10 days we will be accepting drum recording service orders for only US $15 per song (regular price is US$69.95)!

The drum track will be played by an experienced drummer and recorded in our recording studio. As a result we provide overhead, side and room microphone tracks together with separate snare drum, bass drum and tom drum tracks.

Note that nothing in computer world can replace a real human drummer feel while a realistic drum sound cannot be reproduced by a drum sampler since a drum set “sounds” as a single complex acoustical instrument: this makes it impossible to recreate such sound by means of discrete sampled drum hits.

The Voxengo drum recording service web site includes examples of previously completed works, full 96kHz/24-bit example drum track package, and other information.

More information: Voxengo