Voxengo has announced the release of an update to the CRTIV Reverb creative stereo reverberation effect plugin for Windows and Mac.

Version 2.4 includes native compatibility with Apple Silicon. Additionally, an “asynchronous drawing” window mode has been enabled on macOS, which may fix a problem with the user interface “lagging”.

This reverb plug-in provides a wide palette of reverb spaces while requiring only a minimal effort to obtain useful results. The tails created by this reverb are very dense and produce a well-defined spatialization. Since the reverb uses a kind of “true stereo” algorithm the panned sounds receive a good stereo field placement. We believe CRTIV Reverb provides one of the lushest reverb tails available on the market.

The plugin is now titled “CRTIV Reverb” on the user interface, without the “2” version suffix. The actuall DLL/component name has remained unchanged. Furthermore, the AudioComponents interface has been added to the AudioUnit as the “.rsrc” interface may be deprecated in the future.

CRTIV Reverb is currently available at a 30% discount at Plugin Boutique, priced $34.96 USD (regular $49.95 USD).

More information: Voxengo